A lot of work has gone into Leporidae. This page is in appreciation to all the people who's work can be found on Leporidae.

anonymous - A huge thank you for the major contribution to the site! Jordon did the layout for Leporidae!

Haywire (on-site username) - An artist, programmer, and site owner. She did all of the artwork and programming that is not credited below and made the site a reality! She is responsible for most of the planning and all expenses.

Dragon - A huge thank you for our genetics system, forums, rabbit profiles, inventory, search, shows, and various other parts of the site!

Arsenic - A huge thank you for many small but major fixes and additions to the site! Including butcher, fiber shop, pet buyer, warning system, chat, and much more!

Ashton - A huge thank you for all his incredible work on Guinnea Pigs; cavy genetics, site coding, and artwork including the English Angora colors.

Sring-Griffin - A huge thank you for many of the rabbit pattern artwork layers!

ETHEREAL - A big thank you for the initial setch of the Jersey Wooly rabbit breed and many markings include: Candy, English, Swirl, Frontcolor, and Backcolor Netherland Dwarfs; Candy, English, Hotot, Swirl, Frontcolor, and Backcolor Jersey Woolies.

Chutkat - A huge thank you for the incredible building artwork!

anonymous - For making a fantastic plotting application for the maps and interactions feature!

anonymous - For providing preliminary sketches for many of the Litter Box, Bag of Feed, Water Bottle, Feeder, Slicker Brush, Blower, Papaya Enzyme Tablets, Tattoo Pen, and Tattoo Clamp items and the Jersey Wooly breed.

Shiisiln - For sketches of the Blazing Egg.

Arj from - For the highly skilled and detailed work on the Cream, Cottonball, Balm, Bandage, Blister Pill, and Bottle of Pills, and Suture items.

roar from - For the beautifully colorful and vibrant Lucky Human Foot, Boquet of Roses, Repel, Immortality Serum, Sunflorwers, Gardenias, Carnations, Bismuth, Snowflake, Electric Shears, and Plastic Igloo items.

traaav from - For the Feather, Seashell, and Apple Slice items.

Hyacinth from - For the Carton of Egg item.

Aminirus from - For contributing the chick, wind chimes, narcissus flowers, and natural soap items!

OpenClipart-Vectors and ArtsyBee at pixabayb> - For gift box items.

Nyalbel here on Leporidae - For the idea of the Savanna Cotton!

tiff - For a number of items including the asparagus and coconut.

Tori Marsack “Pepperish Studio” - For many of the human avatar hair and eye artwork.