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Leporidae is an online multiplayer rabbit breeding and showing simulation game that was founded in 2014. There are no downloads and it is free to sign up and play.

Leporidae is Under Development

Leporidae is in development. The game is continously being worked on by our artists and programmers. Gameplay, layout, and other features may change over time. If you experience any bugs, report them to the Modbox or bug reports forum.

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Choose a breed to start your rabbitry! Other breeds will be available later.

Big-boned rabbit with beady eyes and red-brown fur.
New Zealand
Starting Difficulty: Easy
New Zealands are a popular meat breed in the United States. With large litter sizes and a decent profit from dispatch, you can make a good income on Leporidae raising them for food. They can be shown in several different colors.
Large chubby rabbit with beady red eyes, white fur, black nose, ears, feet, and tail.
Starting Difficulty: Easy
Californians are a popular meat breed that can bring in decent income on Leporidae through dispatching litters. They are a simple breed that is only shown in white with red eyes and dark points.
Small chubby bunny with tiny ears and black fur with a cream-colored belly.
Netherland Dwarf
Starting Difficulty: Very Hard
Netherland Dwarfs are popular pets for their chubby features, tiny ears, and small size. They can be sold as pets on Leporidae, but they have small litter sizes. They can be shown in many colors.
Small chubby bunny with short lopped ears and brown fur.
Holland Lop
Starting Difficulty: Hard
Holland Lops are very popular pets for their adorable chubby features and small size. On Leporidae, they are desirable in the pet market. They can be shown in many colors.
A black rabbit with a white blaze, white paws, and white front half of body.
Starting Difficulty: Normal
Dutch are a popular breed for their pretty markings and easy to handle size. They come in many colors, but they are considered a marked breed and the white markings you see on them must be paid close attention to when breeding for show.
A white rabbit with colored (black) spots and a stripe down the back.
English Spot
Starting Difficulty: Hard
English Spots are a fancy breed with a unique spot pattern that can be difficult to work with. They come in a few different colors, but as a marked breed, they all have the same spot pattern—only the color of the spots can be different in other recognized colors.
The most basic white rabbit with red eyes.
Florida White
Starting Difficulty: Normal
Florida Whites are a simple medium-sized breed that can only be shown in white with red eyes. They are as basic as rabbits get and may be raised for food, show, or pets.
A gray rabbit with black and white markings and airplane ears.
Lop Cross
Starting Difficulty: Normal
Mix breeds are popular pets and very fun! This crossbreed has airplane ears from being half lop and comes in many colors. They can’t be shown in official shows, but they’re popular pets.
A light gray rabbit that lays down and has partially folded ears.
Coloradan Fold
Starting Difficulty: Normal
Coloradan Folds are a unique breed that only exist on Leporidae. Their ears are folded partially at the ends, giving them a unique relaxed appearance.
A small rabbit with tiny ears and orange tiger markings.
Tiger (Netherland Dwarf)
Starting Difficulty: Very Hard
Tiger isn’t a breed, but it is one of many fun fantasy colors you can raise on Leporidae. If you want to do something entirely different and maybe a little crazy, try these tiger Netherland Dwarfs on for size.


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1. Does Leporidae have an age requirement for players?
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You must be at least 13 years old to playin most countries (16+ in the EU). I am of age to consent to data collection.
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