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Leporidae is an online multiplayer rabbit breeding and showing game. Raise your own virtual rabbits, buy and sale from other players, and compete for awards.

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Choose Your Breeds

There are over 60 breeds to choose from on Leporidae, including all United States recognized breeds, an assortment of foreign breeds, and fictional breeds as well. We aim to accurate depict real life breeds with proper reserch on standards, genetics, and any unique care that a breed may require!

Different breeds have different gameplay mechanics. For wool breeds, there's fiber! Grow their coat out, groom them, improve their wool quality through genetics, and harvest the fiber when your bunny has a full coat! They may be higher maintenance, but who wouldn't want these fluffy suckers?

For commercial breeds, you can dispatch through different means. Though you can dispatch other breeds too, large commercial ones are the best! They have good sized litters and are generally quite healthy.

There are pet bunnies, too. People looking for pets favor small breeds like dwarfs. Any bunny can be a pet, though! And sometimes giants are popular. You can rehome pets to new owners or find bunnies in the Pet Store and Shelter (some may be neutered).

For recognized breeds, there's official sponsored shows, and unofficial shows for the rest. Plenty of shows to go around for all breeds.

Ultimately, breeds are balanced to allow for equal income and opportunity. It all comes down to which ones are your favorites. So which breeds will you choose?

Screenshot of various breeds.
Polish Czech Frosty
Meet the Polish, a small, compact breed with bold eyes; and the Czech Frosty, a white rabbit with a stocky body and thick ears.

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Realistic Genetics

Leporidae genotypes accurately mimic real life inheritance, they can even be used to assist in learning real life genetics (though our goal is for entertainment, many players find themselves learning more than they ever needed to know about bunny color genes).

Leporidae has all the bases covered (get it?) from BB x Bb to advanced combinations such as the torting of aa eje vs non-torted aa ejej. It includes rare and more obscure colors such as Shagouti, Piebald, Sable Magpie, Lutino, and much more.

There's a few fantasy genes for those who like a little extra fun (purple bunnies, anyone?) which are labeled and avoidable to those who prefer to stay strictly by realism.

In addition to genotypes, Leporidae includes genetic modifiers that control color and pattern variation within the same genotype. These include rufus (red tone in rabbits), brightness, broken patterns, and many other variations of shades and patterns. Even black rabbits have a range of shades going from jet black to a paler black. These are passed down genetically.

Screenshot of genes.
With all of the different colors and variations, there are millions of possibilities for what a rabbit on Leporidae can look like. And with 60+ breeds, the hardest part will be deciding which projects you want to work on most!
Netherland Dwarf Netherland Dwarf
These two Broken Chestnut Netherland Dwarfs have the same genotype, but different coat patterns due to genetic hidden modifiers. Even the agouti pattern itself has different possible variations, shades, and tones. If you breed these guys, you may never see the same rabbit twice.

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Pick of The Litter

Leporidae is a breeding SIM at its core. With a buck, a doe, and a nestbox, you can start breeding your own litters! Just make sure they're old enough (6-8 months for does, and 4 months for bucks) and healthy, too. Breeding the highest quality rabbits you can find will help you become a renowned breeder in whichever breed and colors you choose to specialize in.

Register a name for your rabbitry and get your own prefix (which will appear at the beginning of the names of all kits born in your rabbitry). Purchase lighting for your buildings to increase fertility rates. There's many things you can do to improve your rabbitry!

Each real life day equals one month on Leporidae, so breeding rabbits will result in a litter the next day. Check in once a dau to pick through your latest growouts, or set your own schedule. The time it takes to go through your litters and when they're born depends solely on your choice of breedings, how many does you'll breed in a day, and your personal goals for breeding (do you care about stats, traits, color?).

There are different stages of development in kits. Try to guess which color they are when they're first born! Their skin color may give you clues.

Screenshot of newborn kits.
Start sorting out your keepers at any time while they're growing. You can view other players' litters and reserve the ones that are put up for pre-sale, or sell your own. They won't leave mom until they're old enough to be on their own, but they can be reserved for other players in the meantime.

Screenshot of month-old kits.
It's all about watching your litters grow and deciding who to keep!

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Compete in Shows

Enter your rabbits into shows to compete against other online players. There's multiple different types of shows you can enter depending on your gameplay preferences, breed preferences, and what kind of prizes your after. Want to focus on officially recognized breeds, realism, and earn Grand Championships? Then the official shows are perfect for you! Want something a little more lenient where you can enter bunny you want? Then try the Everything Goes Shows! How about showing off your pets and getting player votes? You can earn big money from Pet Shows. There's meat pens for commercial breeds. And in the Summer, you can enter the fair where your winning rabbits will be auctioned off for good money.

GSRA logo.

In the official shows, rabbits are judged based on their inherited stats and how closely they come to meeting their breed's standard. Leporidae's official showing system very closely mimics the official shows in the United States. Rabbits are judged against their breed standard, earning points according to the 'distribution of points' in their breed's standard, and may win legs and Grand Championships. An additional stat (representing continuous overall improvement) ensures that you can always improve your lines, even when they earn all possible points from their standard.

Breeding is also designed to work with the official shows. Each rabbit has a set of traits on a sliding scale (broad, medium, or narrow head; stalky, medium, or racy body; dense, medium, or thin fur; etc.). Want to breed rabbits with medium heads? Breed a broad-headed rabbit to a narrow-headed rabbit. How about denser fur? Can do! Each breed standard designates an ideal spot on the scale, so keep in mind who you're breeding to who and what breed they are. This is especially important when outcrossing to different breeds (Leporidae includes crossbreeding).

Screenshot of show entry page.
Want the big officil show prizes? Win Best of Breed, Best in Show, and other titles, and earn sweepstakes points through your breed's club. Rabbits that win frequently enough may become Grand Chamopions!

There are many types of shows, each with their own entry requirements, criteria for judging, and benefits!

Join Clubs banner

Joining Clubs

There's a club for every breed, which you can join and discuss breed-specific topics with other players. Each club has its own donation bank, which can be used to purchase extra features for your club (such as a raffle, shop, and more). You can even become an elected official leader for your club.

Official breed clubs.
Clubs are a great way for breeders to come together, share ideas, develop new varieties for their breed (CODs), and help improve their breed's quality of stats and and community.

Clubs made by players.
You can also join or run player-made clubs that are not breed-specific.

Interactive community banner

Interactive Community

Meet and compete with other players from around the world! Leporidae is a multiplayer game. While it's designed to be played without the need for multiplayer actions, many features are designed around the inclusion of other players (such as sale bunnies, shops, and more).

A screenshot of the private messaging system.
Discuss sales, share ideas, and make friendss through chatting, forums, clubs, and private messaging. Leporidae also has a Discord that you can join by clicking the icon on the lower corner of the site for realtime chat on or off the site.

Good deed point shop with items in it.
Leporidae has its own player-made economy and community. The prices of various breeds/colors as well as items may depend on supply and demand. Whether the shelter gets funded also depends on players, which breeds and colors are officialy recognized, and of course shows and leaderboards provide player vs player competition (though don't worry if you aren't the competitive type, there's so many different breeds, colors, and overall versatility of features that you can choose your own pace and area to excel without worrying about competition).

Choose an Avatar banner

Choose an Avatar

Personalize your account with custom avatars! Avatars will appear on your profile and on the forums when interacting with other players to provide a little extra flair. They may not do anything gameplay-wise, but theyre a great aesthetic to personalize your account and help give you an in-game identity amongst the community.

Icon avatar of a black Tan rabbit.Icon avatar of a Thrianta rabbit (fire of the fancy). Icon avatar of a Snowshoe Hare.Icon avatar of a black Dutch rabbit.
There are many avatar icons to choose from on Leporidae. If you want something all your own, though, use one that you made yourself. You can even start a commission shop in the forums and make avatars for other players.

Female human avatar with red wings and hair.Male human avatar with blue and green hair, black shirt, and blue jeans.Female human avatar with green and white gown.
Want a different kind of avatar? Dress uyp a human avatar with wearables that can be purchased and collected! Buy and sell clothes with other players, fill your wardrobe, collect, and show off your personalized style! You can use these to flaunt your wealth, or simply be yourself! They're completely optional and you can switch to just a regular avatar icon if it's not your thing.

Organize a Rabbitry Banner

Organize a Rabbitry

Organize your rabbitry in a way that suits you! From feeders and cages to entire buildings, choose who and what goes where, label, and decorate. You'll surely find your own bunny organization method (or madness).

White shed with brown roof, frames, and door.Red barn with white roof, frames, and door.
To add a little extra flair, and help keep everyone organized, there are six building types to choose from to put your bunnies in, and lots of options for painting buildings to be your favorite colors.

Organize your rabbits inside your rabbitry.
Once you have your building, you can fill them with cages, hutches, or pens of your choosing. Then equip your rabbits' individual housing with feeders, waterers, stickers, and more. There are lots of 'mass edit' options to make this a quick and easy process for those who have large rabbitries.

You can even pay for utilities and turn on the lights! This will increase fertility for the rabbits in your building, allowing for more kits to be born in each litter.